The Prettiest Eyes

The Prettiest Eyes (Written December 14, 2014)

And you win the prize for the prettiest eyes,
The color and luster too bright to disguise,
Just the sight of those gems turns my grumbles to sighs-
The kindest of boys with the prettiest eyes.


You know, I’m jealous of people with special eyes. Sometimes it is just that their eyes are a pretty color. My grandpa’s eyes are an amazing icy blue, and I love them. Sometimes it is just that their eyes are showing all their passion and personality. The eyes are the window to the soul, as they say. And then sometimes you get somebody whose eyes are very much both. One of my classmates has the most amazing green eyes and they positively glow. His eyes really tell you a lot about him. He’s one of those somewhat rare people whose eyes actually reflect their emotions. It is fascinating. As somebody who is used to having their eyes described as mud-colored, I am jealous.