To, Or To Not

The Only Choice (Written August24, 2015)

It isn’t a matter of easy or hard,
It’s a matter of will or will not.
There is but one road where you wish to go
And that one road is all you’ve got.

So ask not if it’s easy or hard,
But of determination, if we must talk,
For the road lies waiting stretched out before you,
And you can just choose or choose not to walk.


I’ve always felt that it was ridiculous when people asked me if I was having a hard time doing something. Maybe it is just the way I think, but I’ve always felt that it is ridiculous to question somebody like that when they have decided to do something. I’m having a little trouble trying to express this idea, but basically I just despise when we (we because I do it too) complain about having a hard time with something we decided to do. You have picked your road and it stretches out before you. You can only choose to walk or to not walk, so it you have chosen to walk difficulty shouldn’t be relevant. You can only keep going.