Where To?

Two Feat (Written November 29, 2016)

God gave me two feet, but it’s tripping me up.
When one moves forward the other’s left behind
So I’m stuck wondering, should I go back?
Or move forward to see what I might find?

One in one world, the other in another,
And where am I supposed to go?
I need two feet if I’m to move
But which foot I should follow…I simply don’t know.

So I’m confused, I hop around like a joke,
No purpose, no drive, no goal,
Try to move without leaving a thing behind
In the process tearing apart my soul.

But we need two feet to dance, don’t you know?
And what’s life without a song?
So, though it’s hard to bring myself to do,
I’ll drag both my clumsy feet along.


So, a little bit different work from me. Not different content, but different style. Confusion is nothing new. (I was not intending to reference Time After Time by Cindy Lauper, but it actually fits rather well.) 

Rather obvious message. Any moving forward, for a little while, leaves a bit of you behind. The hard part isn’t that first step, it’s bringing that second foot to join the first. But we need that. We can’t just jump around. We need one foot grounded, or we might fall in a hole.