Love And Hate

True Love (Written June 29, 2020)

For love of another a man lays down his life.
For love of a person one would give all that they can give.
For love deep and true who would count the cost?
For love, true love, you would change the way you live.

You try to be better for what you truly love,
To be more, to give more, to be the best that you can be.
Real love changes everything it touches or shines on,
Bringing it up and making it better, so anyone can see.

For love of another you don’t destory the world.
For love of a person you don’t hurt and insult.
For love deep and true you don’t seek for profit.
For love, true love, you would never see such an ugly result.

For “love” of yourself you make the world ugly,
Selfish and self serving, you throw hatred and mud.
The world is darker for selfserving “love” like that.
Don’t lie and say such actions ever came from real love.


If you are curious of my opinion of the unrest in the world right now, this is a pretty good summation of my thoughts. No riot is motivated by anything good. No mindless, lawless, uncontrolled violence ever had a higher cause. You don’t hurt passing strangers for anything good or righteous. You don’t burn down your city because you love something real. This sort of chaos is motivated by selfserving and hateful people, who then manipulate better meaning people into action that is absolutely unconscionable. Don’t tell me this is has anything to do with helping anyone, with righting wrongs, with showing love. You don’t hate because of love. That isn’t how love works.