Winter Rain

Winter Rain (Written 2006)

It’s such a lovely day outside
Even though the sky now hides
It feels like soon the rain will fall
And splatter on the school yard walls

The weather is just right you see
To sit in window sill and read
It’s nice to just go for a walk
Go with a friend and laugh and talk

With such odd weather everywhere
Nostalgia wanders through the air
I long to sit in former haunts
And read my old forgotten fonts

To sit at home by fireside
To wander through a book and hide
Or play a friendly game of chess
Or cook desserts and make a mess

It’s Christmas in a week you see
The weather’s odd as odd can be
We sit inside the school yard walls
And watch as winter rain now falls


I love the winter. C= Especially in Colorado. It might snow, or it might be in the 60’s, or it might rain like it did on Saturday. I love when it rains in the winter. It doesn’t get too humid, and it smells so incredible, but you feel like you must be in a different world because it seems like it ought to be snowing. I love it. C=

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