The Function of Frustration

The Function of Frustration (Written February 1, 2013)

Frustration is a fearsome beast
That gnaws away my brain,
To it my failures are a feast,
It’s greatest joy my pain.

To fail in all things to succeed,
Though success is what I strive to find,
Though paths and signs are there to lead
Still frustration gnaws my mind.

Please say again, please tell me when,
For what purpose could it serve?
It tears us up, good things it rends,
Most particularly my nerves.

I can only hope it is all well,
A part of a larger equation,
That this trouble has some good thing to tell:
The function of frustration.


*sigh* I love math. Really, I do. Recently though, I discovered that functions are the bane of my existence. So, today in math class, while discussing and comparing functions and relations, I wrote this. >.> I can’t lie, I am a pretty smart person, so this is particularly frustrating. Frustrating. Frustrating…FRUSTRATING! 

( . . .)

Haha, or something. Really, I was frustrated until I wrote this, at which point I was so entertained by how dramatic I was being that I couldn’t concentrate on math class. =P

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