For the Dead- RIP Beth Gerads

For the Dead  (Written February 6, 2013)

It came in like a spider,
Unseen and unannounced,
And then, just like the spider,
Upon its prey it pounced.

It cared not for the loved ones,
The friends now left behind,
For death is not a creature,
It has no heart or mind.

So those behind are left to morn,
To try to fill the empty space,
The hole that all at once appeared
Where there used to be a face.

And all that those left there can do,
Once tears have dried and ceased,
Is pray that when that poor soul died
It left the world in peace.
-RIP Beth Gerads


I wrote this poem for my sister’s friend who just died, a little under half an hour ago. I didn’t know her, but her death was unexpected, and, like such events tend to, it shook me a bit. Please pray for her.

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