My Library Doors

My Library Doors (Written February 7, 2013)

Behind these doors where silence keeps,
Behind these doors where monsters sleep,
Away from the world and all the noise,
Away from the fleeting, passing joys,

Where wars are fought neath star filled sky,
Where heroes live, and villains die,
Here is the place that we hold dear,
For all the world is quiet here.


I’ve always wanted to, when circumstances allow me, have a large library. I would make sure it was perfect to read in, and inviting. The sort of library that would have dark wood bookshelves and high-backed, well cushioned reading chairs in front of a fireplace. I would make sure there were only the best of books, and I would make sure it was always full of people enjoying being in a story. And ever since I read A Series of Unfortunate Events I have wanted to have the words “The world is quiet here” written over the doors to that library, because that is exactly what every library should strive to be. C=

6 thoughts on “My Library Doors

  1. Oh yes, it would be the perfect place. Perhaps a secret passageway leading to it, with a nook to write in, and a picture window leading out from it to a beautiful garden below. If only… Lol… 😉

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