The Empty Road (Written February ?, 2012)

I walked along an empty road
That brought me once to house and home.
It stretches onward, on before-
On before me, ever more.

Over head the skies grow dark
As down that empty road I walk,
It brings back times lost long before-
Long before, and never more.

Off the roadside, off the path,
See shadows of forsaken past,
Yet long to take it, like oft’ before-
Oft’ before, but never more.

I walk the road that stretches on,
Past memories of times long gone,
To find the home I lost before-
Lost before, but never more.


You know how there are those places you go and just can’t help remembering something from a long time ago? For me, that has always been the road from my house to the baseball diamond. It reminds me of when I would be out from 6am to 11pm, out on bike, in sports with awesome people, and was always too busy to think about some things that really weren’t going well. I miss it, most especially because when it ended I found that I had to face reality. Though, it is nice to think that in loosing that, I was forced to fix some things that I no longer can imagine being without. As Albert Einstein says, “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” C=

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