The Throne of Stone

The Throne of Stone (Written 2009)

In hallow hall there sits a throne
Where king there sees all to bemoan.
Yet strait, and tall, and proud he sits;
And drinks his wine and drowns his wits.
In barren hall, by throne of stone
The mad king sits and drinks alone.


My head hurts because I am still not over my pink eye and have been forbidden to wear my glasses. I happen to be blind as a bat, so this is very painful for me. The headache is preventing me from picking a story that might seem relevant or interesting, so I am just going to plug my other blog: the above poem is in reference to a book I am writing. Chapters of said book will be put up every other week at Currently, only the first is up, but I hope you find it interesting. And remember, though I don’t actually remember if I have mentioned this yet, I absolutely love commentary, particularly if something struck you in any particular way. Interpret that as you may.

With an aching head,


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