The Thief and the Queen

The Queen and the Thief (Written March 21-22, 2011)
(The parts in italics are the thief speaking, the non-italicized parts are the queen.)

The night has come, the moon appears,
The summer stars so darkly shine.
The running thief flees as he fears
This terrible wrath of mine.

Through her castle every night
I quietly snuck through every room,
Never caught, but always at flight,
Always escaping under the moon.

Years ago I took my throne,
It’s many rebels and troubles to meet.
It took so much to make it my own,
And always I heard his silent feet.

Her guards they chase me through her halls,
But always I am just out of sight,
Out of their reach, beyond her walls,
Escaping once more into the night.

But then she caught me and had off my hand
I thought I’d brought his end to be
Everything went exactly as planned
When he stole what mattered most to me.


So, anybody ever read The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner? It is an excellent book, and an incredible series follows it. I mention this because the book is, sort of, what inspired the poem. I actually wrote the first stanza and got stuck, read the book, and finished the poem. I have never been certain if it actually makes sense to people who haven’t read the book, so if you haven’t I would really appreciate it if you would tell me if it was understandable or not. Also if you haven’t read The Thief, you totally should, because it is only 280 pages. It won’t take very long, and it is an amazing read.

I just re-read The Thief , and I feel I aught to change that last line to “When he stole what once was lost to me.”

2 thoughts on “The Thief and the Queen

  1. “And always I heard his silent feet.”
    I love that line. And “Never caught, but always at flight,
    Always escaping under the moon.”
    I can hear Attolia and Gen in those, and I love it. It makes me want to go reread the books (again). 😀

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