The Midnight Meadow

The Midnight Meadow (Written unknown)

Like diamond bits hung in the air,
On velvet black as shadow,
Our wishes fly in flocks out there,
Out in that midnight meadow.

In that world so dark and black
Light shines like fallen tears.
The dreams for things that people lack,
Suspended by our darkest fears.

The dreams wait ’till they can come true,
To set their diamonds down,
As midnight meadow turns to blue,
They fall toward the ground.

We watch and mourn as diamonds flee,
As dreams fly from our knowing.
We watch ’till we can no more see
Our diamonds as they’re going.

I watch those diamonds leave the air,
From velvet black as shadow,
I’d join them if I could, up there,
Out in that midnight meadow.


I absolutely love watching the stars come out every night. I have mentioned it before, but you really do get an incredible view when you live away from the city lights. Of course, live over a mile above sea level also helps. C= And this is all really funny because the only reason I thought of this poem is because last night was a night when you would, most definitely, not be able to see any stars. Literally, the snow was blowing so hard that it knocked my window in. It was really amazing. So, this placement is ironic, I suppose. A poem about the stars in the night sky for when we cannot see them. C=

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