Another Year . . .

Birthday Thoughts (Written March 3, 2013)

Another year gone by,
Another hour spent,
Steps closer till I die,
Steps that are on rent.

A year of work and time-
Time spent in sweet despair,
In looking for a rhyme
For which they might not care.

But the story must go on,
So I try another day
And though that year is gone,
For another I will pray.

Another chance to try,
To win where once I lost,
To spread my wings and fly
In this sky where I was tossed.

So another year goes past,
And I thank it for all it gave,
Then I pray that I will last
Through the next oncoming wave.


Wow, sometimes I amaze myself at how lazy I can be. I mean, theoretically, this is a journal of poems, so I had actually intended to have one for ever day. We can all see how well I have kept up on that. Ah, and I suppose I should make clear, while I did write this poem because I was thinking about my birthday, I don’t actually turn seventeen until the 4th (still a few hours away here). But really, my birthday always gets me thinking. How did that year go? Have I gotten closer to achieving the goals I set myself? What comes next? Am I satisfied with what I have done this past year? (The answer to that question is always no. I am lazy, and rude, and stupid, and I can’t sing well enough, and I’m not good enough at sports, and my art is in serious need of work, and I need to actually write when is say I will, and I need to put up the next chapter of my book already, ’cause I said I would almost two weeks ago- I can’t seem to find one thing to work on with all this to consider. =P) And then I think that I should always be grateful for having been given that year, and for everything that happened during it. So:

For this chapter of my life,
This chapter freshly closed,
I’d like to now give thanks,
Most especially to those,

Those people who have helped me,
In every single way,
To just continue going,
To live another day.

To everyone who told me
That I wasn’t good enough,
Who told me honestly,
When my act was getting rough.

To everyone who taught me,
To everyone who laughs,
To those adults who watch me grow,
But still stand up and clap,

To the friends who just existed,
To the classmates who’re still there,
To everyone who listens,
To everyone who cares,

To every new story I found this year,
And those who wrote them down,
And to those who saw the stories I wrote,
And liked what they had found.

Thank you to the best of you,
And thank you to worst,
You’ve helped me on my way,
Yes, even when it hurt.

And so as every story goes,
A new chapter now begins,
Set up from those before,
And what the past had been.

So thank you to the past,
Both distant past and near,
And thanks to all of those
Who will help me face this year.

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