Just Smile

The Strength to Smile (Written February 28, 2012)

The strength it takes to stand firm
When life pushes you around,
To hide your tears and face your fears-
Grimace, but never frown

Ne’er to make an enemy,
Nor e’er to find a friend.
To mind your own and stand alone
Not falter through the end

To wear a mask of iron
Play part the crowd calls for
Steal your will and take your pills
Your own wish you ignore

Could e’er the strength of such a man,
Of one who hides their heart,
Who fights and wins but never grins,
And tears themselves apart,

Could ever such a lonesome strength,
Which hurts you all the while,
That yearns and burns but never learns,
E’er beat the strength to smile?

To face each challenge openly,
To take and break all guile
With open mind to seek and find
The strength it takes to smile.


You know, it has always amazed me how incredible happy people are. I mean actually happy people. Not people who are cheery because they aren’t being hurt in some way, but people who can just be happy no matter what. Personally, I am always putting myself- and being put- in situations where I am very much at odds with my peers and have to stay that way. It isn’t very fun, but I am not the sort of person who will give up on something just because it isn’t fun- especially not when I know somebody else need it too. But it all leads to me seeming pretty annoyed by the end of the day, and it is because I am not good enough to get the job done in any other way. But then there are one or two people I know who just amaze me. People who agree that I’m at odds with others because they need to be told something, but can get them to realize what they need to without ever making them mad. They can, even when super annoyed, just smile and get people to do what needs to get done. I’ve seen these people get absolutely beaten down- in the sort of way that would have had me at people’s throats- and just smile and walk away. I can’t do that. That must take some incredible integrity. At least, it has always seemed that way to me. I have the greatest respect in the world for people who can actually, genuinely smile in every situation.

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