A Long Journey

Picture Adventure (Written 2006)

From my painted palace
Across the land I roam,
O’re every hill and dale
Straying far from home

Many strangers I have met,
Very odd and often cruel,
In this land where terror reigns
Under His tyrannic rule

We fought and saved the kingdom
And I returned to home
Inside my painted picture
Tired, I no longer roam.


This is one of the earliest poems I wrote and really liked. I mean, my sister- a totally amazing poet who never writes anything- used to make me write all these poems when I was, like, eight years old. She would sit me down with a pen and paper and tell me I had to write her a four stanza poem about something sitting on the desk. Or about a butterfly. Or about a wolf. She wrote the most amazing poem about a wolf. That is why I started writing. I remember hiding in the closet when I wrote this, because I was afraid of somebody teasing me for writing poems when nobody was forcing me to. And when I wrote this…well, then I decided I didn’t just want to write poems to be like my sister. This poem inspired the story I have been writing ever since. It is the same story that The Throne of Stone comes from- kingdom that was ‘fought and saved’ in this poem is the same one that the king in The Throne of Stone ruled (The Figure Behind the Throne should explain who ‘His tyrannic rule’ refers to). Since I started this story I decided I wanted to be a writer when I grew up. I’m still working on the story, but I hope that when I finish it it will be a story that people will love as much as I do. And that is a huge task, so wish me luck! C=

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