Another Sleepless Night

An Unmined Cave (Alternate title: A Sleepless Wonder ) (Written February 29, 2012)

The fields roll, the mountains tall,
The glowing moon above it all.
Clouds and stars across the sky
As golden beams of sunlight die.

A house alone, a silent home,
No sound does pierce nocturnal drone.
World sleeps so peacefully
As rests through dawn that one shall see.

A single light does pierce the night
To end the restless sleeper’s plight.
Long past urge to sit and weep,
The wearied child gives up on sleep.

The child would find, though long resigned,
A cave of jewels yet to be mined.
Quiet, in the darkest night,
He finds a secret, glowing light.

Each story read awake in bed
At night brings life to words once dead.
The dimmest light begins to shine
In jeweled cave, n’er to be mined.

The shadows sing, the night stars ring,
As now nearer dawn is drawing,
Wearied child who could not sleep
Now that it comes begins to weep.

Away it goes, the night that glows,
As slow the daytime world shows.
Jewels in that unmined cave
In day lay sealed in hidden grave.

So flies away for fear of day,
Away the nighttime wonders stray-
Off the dreams that could not be,
Away the nighttime fantasy.

The fields roll, the mountains tall,
The shining sun above it all.
Birds begin to sing and wake
As o’er the world the sunlight breaks.


I am an insomniac, and have never been mad that I am. When I had my first real bout of insomnia it really scared me- I was ten and I would stay up night after night, sitting in bed and staring out the window, crying because I couldn’t sleep even though I was so tired, and it had been a week since I had last fallen asleep- because it is frightening when your body suddenly betrays you. But when I got used to it, figured out how to trick myself into sleeping when I could, I started to really like it. Well, I didn’t like not being able to sleep- if I could sleep like a cat I would absolutely love it- but being awake when nobody else was was amazing. It was like being in my own world. It was a world where only I existed, and the stories that I spend so much time reading became like windows to me. What was just a story during the day became a journey to somewhere grand and far away at night. The night is an incredible time. C=

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