Recess (Written 2007)

The sun beats down and all around
Kids are playing on the ground,
It’s such an awesome day outside,
As one kid seeks, the others hide.

In the fields the children run,
Sweating in the glaring sun.
When one team cheers the other cries,
The roar of both teams shakes the skies.

On the field the game goes on,
Both teams are still going strong,
Though exhausted by their pace
A smile cracks on every face.

Wind now stirs the heated air,
But children are no longer there,
Back across the street once more,
They’re back in classes, like before.

Again at three you see them come,
Out with their backpacks in the sun,
The kids are leaving all around
As sun beats on the empty grounds.


So, my school is running a jog-a-thon right now. It is for both the general upkeep of the school, and for playground equipment. If you have ever been to Colorado, you know that the plains are absolutely desolate. We don’t have grass, and we don’t have trees, and until recently we didn’t have any sort of playground either. The past few jog-a-thons have earned us a new school building- we were renting a one room building before, and that was not fun- a small playground, a basketball court, and a volleyball pit. I’m a junior now, but when I was in grade school we just played kick ball or soccer, because that was all we could set up. It is insane how far we’ve come the past few years. The classes are thorough and challenging, and the extra curricular classes are amazing- especially choir. I love choir! And everybody reads too!(Ok, have to be honest, that is largely my work. I have spent the past seven years getting them to like reading. The Percy Jackson books by Rick Riordan were the deal breaker- once they read those they were hooked.) But, really, it is an awesome school, and if you ever felt like donating anything to the jog-a-thon it would be amazing. If you actually did feel like dropping a dollar or two (’cause absolutely everything helps), here’s the link: I promise it is a real school and everything, and a really good one too! I wish the site were better, or I would say to check it out- it doesn’t say hardly anything relevant,  though there are a few pictures I suppose. I would personally love you for it, because my grandmother started the school (a long time ago), and my family has been attending and teaching at the school ever since, and I really love the place, despite how I will complain about it from time to time. C=

Oh, and my name is Megan Eddy, if you are going to donate.

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