Run Away

The Runaway (Written 2007)

If I ever had one wish
It’d be to disappear
If I ever ran away
You’d find me sitting here

You could look round anywhere
But never would you find me
You could look until you died
My face you would not see

You’ve checked in all the hideouts
You heard not what I said
That if I ever ran away
You’d find me in my bed

And still you all are looking
For one you’ll never find
You’ve looked in all but one place
This mask I hid behind

And now you are all dead and gone
And I’m the only one
Because you went to look for me
When you thought I had run


You know, I can’t say I know if I am the only one who thinks this way, but I think that expectations are a monstrous thing. Or, rather, have a monstrous effect on people. I mean, I would absolutely never have ever tried to get good grades if everybody around me didn’t expect, because of who my family is, that I would. I also would never have tried to take school seriously if my teacher hadn’t made it clear that they didn’t expect me to. The other part of expectations is that it can blind the people who hold them. If you really believe that somebody can sing well, sooner or later their singing will sound good to you, even if it isn’t good. Expectations can be crushing- they can also be the pressure a person needs to become great. Expectations are truly a curious thing.

So, I mentioned before that my school is doing a jog-a-thon right now. I figure I’ll just go ahead a leave a link again, just in case anybody feels inspired to drop a dollar or two. My name is Megan Eddy, if you do feel like donating. Every bit helps! C=

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