It Doesn’t Show (Written 2006~)

Where are we supposed to go
In a time when no one knows
Who they are or what they’ll be
In a world where no one sees?

In a time when no one reads
When people don’t know what they need
They laugh and play the day away
And in the end have naught to say.

Works of gold go passing by
Gone unpraised beneath the sky
Never noticed, never seen
Except when their creator dreams.

Those great in art and learning too
Those torn apart betwixt two
Great scholars with wise words to say
Are never noticed anyway

And so the talent sails out of reach,
Gone behind walls we cannot breach.
But few will notice when they go
For though it’s here it doesn’t show.


(Be prepared, this turned into a bit of a book. Ok, it isn’t actually that long, but it is hardly brief either. It is a curiosity, an important one I think, so I would love if you would bear with the length and give me some feedback on this.)

You know, to me, respect has always been a difficult thing. I don’t mean I am not impressed by people who are respectable or talented- I mean the respect you should have for authority figures, and elders. I have always been taught, and I firmly believe it is true, that you need to respect your elders, especially if they are in a position of authority. Note, that had no ‘if they deserve it’ attached. They are older, they have responsibilities and authority greater than my own, so they deserve respect, even if they aren’t doing a good job. While I really do hold this to be absolutely true, my mouth frequently gets ahead of mouth. It is probably my biggest fault. However, provided I haven’t let my emotions run away from me, respect is something I find to be extremely important. So when I see kids back-talking their teachers, blatantly and rudely, I really get mad. Particularly when that teacher is out music teacher, and my aunt, and a volunteer who isn’t getting paid because she said the school needed the money more, even though she has six kids. I, personally, think that kids being so awful and rude has a lot to do with our society. Speaking as an American, we don’t believe in respect of anything. We believe might makes right, and pretend that we believe that the belief is wrong. It all goes back to the whole ‘social contract’ idea. Personally, I think that idea is absurd. I believe everything happens for a reason. The people in charge are in charge for a reason, even if that reason isn’t clear. If nothing else I have always aspired to not make up excuses for myself. Horton Foote said, “I’ve known people that the world has thrown everything at to discourage them…to break their spirit. And yet something about them retains a dignity. They face life and don’t ask quarters.”  That is what I want to be. I think a bad authority figure, a mean adult, a cruel teacher- I think these things are a challenge. Are you a little brat who will resort to throwing a temper tantrum and ganging up to get your way? ‘Cause that is typically what a rebellion is, and it is certainly the common attitude recently. Or are you doing to going to accept that that person ended up  in charge of you for a reason, and maybe you are the one who needs work. And maybe you aren’t. Maybe they are there because they need you to show them something. Maybe that something is what an honest, respectful person is. Who knows? What I do know is that talking bad about teachers when they aren’t there, and acting indignant when an authority figure tells you to do your own freaking job isn’t cool, and it isn’t strong, and it sure isn’t very impressive either. If you have a mind to, you can turn every single situation into one that benefits you. If you cannot bring yourself to respect an authority for the natural merit (which is what I find most lacking in society. We go on and on about natural rights, but we don’t appreciate the merit of things. Things like a job well done, or in obedience when it is hard, or in suffering for something besides yourself, or in somebody else’s hard work, or in things being in good order.) of their position, at least remember that you are running away by just being disrespectful behind their backs. Gah, this all does tie together, I swear. I think the lack of respect comes from a denial of nature having an order. Of there actually being somethings that are just better than others. I think people deny that and end up wasting really incredible gifts. So, the poem made me think of my tirade against disrespect because it made me think that people think that we are all just floating around in equality, so they waste those skills in which they have been gifted with a superior talent, and disrespect those who have been gifted with a superior authority. Ha, see, it really did tie together!

*tsk* Well, I don’t think I said that very well, but I hope I got the idea across. This is gonna be one of those times where I would really love feedback- always on the poems, but this time on what I said after it also.

So, I mentioned before that my school is doing a jog-a-thon right now. I figure I’ll just go ahead a leave a link again, just in case anybody feels inspired to drop a dollar or two. My name is Megan Eddy, if you do feel like donating. Every bit helps! C=

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