The Whistling

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The Wind (Written January 25, 2011)

Do you hear the harsh wind’s cry
As whistles o’er the plains?
The day grows old as sun light dies
And night returns again.

Onward now that wind does blow,
Through forest lush and green,
Knocking branches to and fro,
Around the trunks it screams.

On that wind flies many things,
Whisked off by its sheer might.
With wild words duet it sings,
As whistles through the night.

The wind’s harsh cry rings through the air,
As onward comes the dawn,
Carrying worlds inside its snare
The wild wind blows on.


First and foremost: Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

So, I decided I need to lighten up a little, ’cause my last few poems have been consistently serious, and I don’t want to depress people. Speaking of consistent, last week it was blizzarding, and now we are enjoying upper 60’s. The weather just isn’t very consistent here.  If there is one thing about Colorado’s weather that is consistent, it is that the wind just about never stops. All the trees tend to have one side that is thin and pathetic with hardly anything on it, and the other side that is sort of healthy (this is Colorado, mind you, so there aren’t frightfully many ‘healthy’ trees anyway, at least not outside of the mountains). Aha, I actually hadn’t thought of this until this very moment that I write this, but I could easily say that the constant wind is one of the biggest reasons I want to raise alot of money in this Jog-a-thon I have been mentioning lately. If you have ever seen large portions of the Great Plains, you should be plenty aware of the fact that there is hardly an vegetation. So, when a field is used for sports regularly, and the small vegetation that is there dies, you are left with really dry dirt. Every time the wind starts blowing the sports fields spout tuns of dust devils. It is actually kind of fun to try and play soccer with a dust devil disrupting your opponents, but sometimes they pick up the tumbleweeds, and that is just not fun at all. So, we convinced our principle that if we raise enough money, after a portion goes to the many bills private schools need to pay, we will finally get turf! I am soooo looking forward to having grass. So yeah…if you feel pity for children running around in the deserts of eastern Colorado, being chased by tumbleweed armed dust devils, feel free to drop a dollar or two to our jog-a-thon. (-.^ Haha, how is that for a pity plea? Did I make you feel guilty. Ah, just kidding. But really, have you ever been caught in a dust devil when it has picked up a lot of course grained dirt/small rocks and tumbleweeds? You get cuts from the tumbleweeds, and welts from the dirt and rocks.) Information about the jog-a-thon and school is in the side bar, or you can just click this link and drop a dollar or two to Megan Eddy. Or maybe you can leave it to anybody, I’m not sure you actually have to put in the name of a student.

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