Wishy-Washy Fishy Thoughts

Wishes and Fishes (Written 2005)

If I were a wish I’d fly to the sea,
Where I’d be a fish and you’d cast for me.
But wishes aren’t fishes, there’s no room in the sea
So now I should warn you, you shouldn’t bait me.

Fish. Fish. Fish. Fish. Fish.

That is how I felt today. Totally on another planet. I have been, recently, in a rather sour mood. You may have noticed that my recent posts have been far from cheery. I am in a really good mood right now though, because I have an amazing friend, and I got to talk to her after a long time when we couldn’t see each other. Friends are amazing. Really. They don’t need to care about you being depressed, or ask what is wrong, and they can make everything better anyway. Well, I think good people can just do that anyway, but if they happen to know you well it seems like they can do everything right to make you feel better, without even knowing they are doing it. Like, for instance, talking until well past 2AM about Doctor Who, and books, and music, and everything in between. C= Which is why I was on another planet today, and thinking of strange, wishy-washy fishy thoughts. =P

Fish. Fish.

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