Don’t Give Up

Keep Trying (Written March 26, 2013)

I’m tired and I’m sick of this,
These trials I will never miss,
When all of this I leave behind
I hope a better day I’ll find.

So don’t give up, I tell myself,
Don’t go and act like someone else,
With patience, and prudence, and your own keen mind
I’m sure there’s an answer for you to find.


Just keep on marching. I think that the hardest battles have nothing to do with anybody besides ourselves. It is, probably, much harder to fight to tell yourself to persevere even in a tough spot, than it has ever been to stand up and swing at somebody who is attacking you. I think everybody ends up feeling the same way, at one point or another. It is especially hard when that internal battle includes conceding that you can’t change things now. That you are helpless, and even if your friends are suffering too, you can’t do anything real about it. So, I remind myself every day, I wait. I do what I can to keep my friends from feeling the brunt of the problem, and I watch and wait for my opportunity to change it. I just need to find the strength to make it that far.

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