So Bored…

What can we do when boredom
Is tightening its grip?
Cause the bag that’s always held it
Is finally gonna rip.

It’s going to consume us,
And cause our spirits’ death-
Crush and squeeze our wills until
Despair is all that’s left.

Our veins, our lungs, our hearts, our breath,
Get caught in its demise,
‘Till nothingness is all we see
Through once creative eyes.


Ok, that is extremely dramatic. Do not think that this is how dramatic I am. Er, well, actually, I suppose I did write it, so maybe I am. Or am at least good at pretending I am. Or something. But really. I am bored. I know that peace and prosperity are a gift, but I think it is a mistake to think that that means we can be lazy. Good work is always good. No duh, right? I want work. (Haha, realizing right now that this makes me think of the end of The Floating Island by Elizabeth Haydon. Ven had a life that I am extremely jealous of, that is for certain. Excellent book, by the way. I would definitely recommend you read it)

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