Crazy Talk

Speaking Nonsense (Written 2008/7)

Why would I just live to die,
Yet die to live, but how?
Lies do fly, but stay right here
And are still here right now

They say that now she falls to bits,
Or that his head’s exploding-
But she is still in one whole piece
No explosion yet is showing

My leg is on fire they say,
My forehead’s burning up,
You’re cool as a cucumber,
He’s fishing for a cup.

What can these strange saying mean?
They make no sense at all.
The world seems so crazy when
We tell these tales so tall.


Aha, I am so in the mood to just be goofy right now. And sleep. And drink something nice and hot. I have been singing soooo much this past week. I am an alto, and I much prefer it that way. The way things went this week, though, I was singing some ridiculously high notes. My throat is killing me! *shrug* I love singing. Singing is the best. Music is awesome. I can be working so hard at singing- watching my pitch, getting the notes right, making sure the choir is hitting all the right cords, picking out different voices, etc.- and not be distracted by anything. I love that about music. Music is great. You know singing is the only way to use one hundred percent of your brain at once? Or so I have heard. I can’t say I know for sure. But seriously, music is incredible. And I might need to come back here and write some the commentary that I had intended to put with this poem, because this rambling about music has nothing to do with the it.


Ok, I decided to not wait. I love studying etymology. Yeah, yeah, feel free to comment on me being some sort of nerd, whatever. It is fun. It is cool. I mean, ‘awful’ and ‘awesome’ used to mean almost the same thing. Or, did you know ‘gentle’ comes from the Latin adjective ‘gens, gentis, gentium’ which means ‘tribe, or people?’ If you take that word and follow how its meaning changed from the Latin root you end up learning tons of stuff about the cultures of all these different peoples. It is awesome! And then you get English. The language comes from Old Germanic getting mixed up by the Anglo-Saxons and then the French. Add a hundred years of American butchery of language and we get this totally crazy mash up of different languages. The English language picked up a bunch of different little bits of language from all the places their empire had colonies in, and then the language was further influenced by the melting-pot-mix of cultures in America, and we end up with some really bizarre language. It is awesome to study exactly where are evidently, utterly nonsensical, language comes from. Tracing the etymology of English words is fascinating!  =P So yeah, call me a nerd, but if I could study this as much as I wanted I think I would know more about history and culture than just about anybody. And it would be handy for writing stories, by the way. You can make much better names if you think about things like words having origin and meaning. You know? It is just so cool!

And, speaking of the English language, this is hilarious, so you guys should check it out. I didn’t write it, it was just something I found on Goodreads. (Which is an awesome site, by the way.)

The Absurdity of English – Just be glad it’s your native tongue! by Kenny Kemp

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