Fantasy (Written 2010)

Fantasy is what we see
When everything around,
No matter what it seems to be,
Has never yet been found.

Those who care for what but “is”
Will never see its shine,
Caring only for what’s his,
But never for another’s mind.

To write that which noone knows,
Explore those unseen realms,
To go where noone else can go,
Where dreams and magic dwells.

When anything can happen,
Where everything can be,
Any place and any when,
For all or none to see.

But oh so few do see it,
That Window in the Wall,
Fewer give it credit,
Though it matters to us all.


(Ok, ok, if editing an old poem is cheating the idea of NaPoWriMo, I apologise. I heard about it after this was posted, so I won’t do it again.)

Well, I really am a one trick pony, aren’t I? The Window in the Wall. I have mentioned it before. Again and again and again. ‘Cause we are here, and fantasy is on the other side of the Wall. There is a Window though, and we can look through it and watch the fantasies. Reality and fantasy. Two worlds, separated by the Wall of reason, and a single Window of stories and dreams. Can you picture it? I do, all the time. We are in reality, and that is as it should be, but to forget the fantasy would be a true travesty. We can’t forget it, or else we will be prisoners of this reality, and all its dreary days. And that is no good, don’t you think? So we read. And we dream. I want to show that Window to everybody that I can, and get them to show it to others too. Does that sound like a good dream to you? It is precious to me. It is what I want to do for the rest of my life. I think it is hard to be a good person when you only see what is front of you, don’t you agree?

Please rate and comment! Feedback is my best friend.

I lied, I am a two trick pony. Please check out my Jog-A-Thon page! It is a great school, and every dime helps. C=

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