What Comes Next?

Senior Year (Written April 3, 2013)

The end of another year draws near,
Another summer dawns,
This next will be my last, I fear,
Before my life moves on.

On past school, on past class,
A childhood drawing closed,
Onto the world and work at last,
To travel a different road.

But I’ll always be a student, see,
I’ll study all my days,
Writing and reading unendingly,
Exploring every maze.

So I look and expect adventures to come,
The friends and foes to meet,
And when each day is past and done
One more new day I greet.


Yeah for NaPoWriMo! (Haha, maybe if I ever remember to check the prompt before I write my poem I will actually use it. Until then…) And, maybe yeah for an upcoming senior year. Can’t lie, though I am not scared at all for the senior year bit of that, I am more than a bit anxious for the part after that. I am one of those people who wants to be a student forever. I want to go to college for a degree in Literature- something like liturature history, or folklore. Then get a teaching permit and become a professional lecturer. And, of course, continue writing my books and poems all the while. I have my friend Lauren to thank for this dream. I was reading her yet unpublised (and absolutely incredible) book, Faeyn, which was chock full of creatures from all these different folklores and mythologies, and I ended up helping her research them. I loved it. Not long after that I read The Tapestry series by Henry H. Neff, which got me even more interested (and, of course, I cannot dicount every book by Rick Riordan that I have read, as those were a major inspiration as well). So, yeah, that is what I want to do. And use that to inspire people to find the Window in the Wall. =P Yes, yes, there I go again. My pretty little pet pony, that can only do one trick. I want every one to find that Window in the Wall.

(And, ok, I admit, I was listening to the soundtrack for AVPSY and it got me thinking about it. Sue me!)


And, as always, please check out my Jog-A-Thon page! It is super important to me, and it is an awesome school. Every bit helps, so please, feel free to drop a dollar or two.

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