In Rhyme Too!

Apology (Written April 11, 2013)

I’m sorry, I’m late, and I missed a day,
So I’m not sure exactly what to say.
When my efforts, at best, are hardly ok,
All I can do is explain it away.

But of course, this gets boring when heard each day,
So I’ll have to find a new way to play.
So, I suppose, in rhyme I will say
Everything strange that has happened this day.

First my cat, once thought to be male,
Was found with a litter on the laundry table,
Then school, of course, which is always a mess,
And the following heartburn was a source of distress.

And, as I have done once again,
I have yet to take up my paper and pen
And the homework is long and due very soon,
But I’ve ignored it and now hear my funeral tune.

So there, now compare this new way I play
To those dreamy, distressful dues that I’d pay,
Yes, it is best in a rhyming array
To go and explain all your failures away!


Yeah, so my last poem was followed with me saying not to make excuses. I still hold to that. I still should have done what I actually set out to do and put up my poem yesterday- I don’t like the poem very much, so I might put it up…but maybe not- but I was tired, and annoyed, so I went to sleep. Also, just because it is a bit interesting, everything I said in the poem about how today went was totally true. I woke up this morning at around 5:15- typical- and went to get my uniform out of the laundry. And I saw the male cat on the folding table next to the washing machine. And I saw four kittens around it. So, we discovered that our cat is, in fact, female. We are preparing to lynch the person who told us it was a boy as I write. =P


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