Our Place

Club House (Written April 14, 2013)

And well now, here we go
To a place that just we know
Into a place we love a lot
‘Cause it’s the only place we’ve got

Here there is a home to us,
Here is only ours because
It’s only here we can do
Everything that we need to.

And so we treasure it so much,
And just can’t thank it quite enough,
Thanks for it just being there,
For giving us an everywhere.

It’s just a room, it’s just four walls,
Nothing special, no hidden halls,
But here we are welcome any day,
Here is a place that we can stay.

Our tree house, our club room,
A place where our minds bloom,
Where all our dreams can live and grow,
Here in this place that just we know.


I don’t know about you guys, but when I was little our tree house was the most amazing place ever. It was super simple. Just your standard, four wooden slate walls, with a wooden slate roof. But we would play in that tiny little room for hours and hours. Really, I think this actually applies to our whole backyard. I think it is really important to most kids, those sorts of things. ‘Cause it isn’t your house- that belongs to mom and dad, and that means you can’t break things. You know that. It isn’t the front yard, ’cause all the other kids in the neighborhood can be there too, even if they shouldn’t be. But your tree house! That is a different story. The backyard is your kingdom and that treehouse is your castle. That is how we thought of it when I was little. ‘Course, that didn’t stop us from really wanting a tree house like they had in Arthur. You know, that tree house they had in the woods? I think they had a Halloween episode where they found Baba Yaga running around in it. A tree house like that would have been cool. But that one in our back yard was special. (We actually jumped the fence to go steal our next-door-neighbor’s toys because we found him in our tree house once. We then saw their freaky dog and ran away, but we also found out that the toys we had been planning to take were actually ours and they stole them from us. Those kids were evil. -.- See? Kingdoms, waging war.) But I think that sort of thing is important. It is a kid’s place. And, I mean, it really felt like it, to us. So we could go and be kids and develop our own personalities and what not. And the best part is that, while we were going and imagining everything and anything in there, our parents could always control things if the got out of hand. (Like, for instance, when my sister pushed me off the side of the slide coming out of the tree house and broke my arm. Being that we were in our back yard, they were able to take care of that quickly.) I dunno quite how to say it (haha, what a surprise, I am, yet again, failing to properly convey my thoughts!) but I think that idea of giving a kid space is important, but that we forget that a parent’s watchful eye is too. Give a kid their space, but in good measure. When I was, maybe, ten, I was writing a story and decided that the backyard was our kingdom, but it was part of our parent’s kingdom. The fence was the edge of their kingdom, and out kingdom was just a little one inside of it. We went to war once or twice, but it ended well. =P Ah, I miss those days. (And gosh! I am starting to use parentheses  an awful lot!)

(Also! Sorry I didn’t post yesterday though, I sometimes wonder if I should apologize or not, cause I might be doing you a favor by not clogging up your screen with my poor poetry. I ended up babysitting until 2AM! No computer in the house, and I don’t have a smart phone, so I couldn’t post.)


If you are interested in helping keep my school open, we are running a Jog-A-Thon right now, and would appreciate any donation you could make. It is an awesome school, but it is a private school, and those are expensive to run. All the information is on my Jog-A-Thon page.

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