Aha, Here We Go Again…

Here We Go Again (Written April 15, 2013)

I’m out of ideas, and in a spot
‘Cause I said I would write, but now am not.
Or, at least it is alright to say
That I’ve done quite a poor job today.

After a week of stories told
I find my ideas are getting old.
I repeat myself, I’m redundant and weird
And I can’t ever seem to make my thoughts clear.

My form is a mess and my meter is bad
And the rhymes are so poor that it makes me mad.
Really, there is no excuse for this mess
But it seems the quality grows less and less.

I hope to get better, I swear that I will,
But this failure really does anger me still.
Really, I mean, if I claim I can write
I aught to be able all hours of the night!

My words have surpassed me, have taken a run,
Off with their meaning with the story undone,
But I swear, really, I truely do vow
That the next time I write will be better than now.


Aha, well, that kind of said it all. Really. That was kind of just . . .it. I am totally out of ideas for the moment, partially because I convinced my literature teacher to let me write a poem on Bartleby the Scrivener rather than a report, and I am thinking about it too much to get anything else done.

Since that was pathetically short, and I had something else on my mind anyway! You know, music is awesome. Really, it totally is. I love singing. I am in two choirs, and I wish I could sing more. Today we were, in our school choir, going over God Bless America. This particular arrangement is three part- SAB- but it splits into five part for the last line. The baritone part splits into bass and tenor, and the alto part splits in two. Our alto section, being that this is the choir from a relatively small school, is the smallest section in the choir by almost ten people- there are only five of us altos- so I am singing the second alto line by myself. =) It sounded so awesome! It is amazing! Ah, music is awesome!


Now, if anybody is feeling awesome and generous, my school is running a Jog-A-Thon right now, and would greatly appreciate any donations. This is the page to go to if you want to donate. It is super simple, and every bit helps!

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