An Impossible Adventure (Written April 18, 2013)

I want to leave
See something more,
Go on a journey,
Go and explore.

Aren’t there those days
You sit, and stand, and wait,
And watch the hours ticking by
Explecingt something great?

‘Cause life’s mundane, to me, you see,
And I’ve wanted something more-
An adventure, I think, would do me well,
Though I don’t know where to travel for.

So I sit, and wait, and go insane,
And waste away another day,
I don’t think I am meant for here
So I will wait for my chance to away.


Every single day I end up thinking this, some time or another. My teacher told me the same thing. He seemed to have an idea of what I should do about that, but he was that sort of older teacher who thought we should have to figure such things out for ourselves. He was an amazing teacher, by the way, and I really miss him, ’cause you don’t often come across people as smart and insightful as that. And he mentioned, at his going away party, that he suspected I would never be satisfied with just…kinda..being. He said he thought I seemed like I just wanted to find some adventure. He was absolutely right, of course, but that was nothing new- not him being right, and not me wanting to go for an adventure- I had always been like that, and he was, as I said, very smart. But I kind of think that we all, at some point or another, just want to go for some adventure. Strike that, I am positive we all do. I just don’t think we all can, and I don’t know what to say about that. It is certainly my case right now, that I want an adventure but I don’t know where for. And I don’t have any answer to that conundrum. If I did, I probably wouldn’t still be in my bedroom, sitting around all day. Who knows? Maybe I will find an adventure for myself someday. I’m sure we each have our own, in their various different forms. Just…gotta find them.


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