I’d Love to Hear Your Thoughts

Truth and Lies (Written April 19, 2013)

I want to write a poem
But no one wants to read
Or, at least so I suspect,
More so than you’d believe.

I’m insecure, you see,
Though I try to hide the fact,
So humor me and say I’m great,
Even if it is an act.

No, wait, I take that back,
I’d rather know my faults,
Or else I might end up confused
And then my life might halt.

‘Cause, after all, it would be bad
If I happened to lose sight
Of what is true and good
When sit I again to write.


Ah, I write way too many poems about what is going on in my head. Though, when I explained the whole “Journal of Poems” thing, I warned that it might end up this way. Though, I think I will try to place them a little farthur from inside my head- it is easier when I give myself time to breath before I write. I have been kind of sitting down and writing these past few poems at…11:50-ish? ‘Cause I want to get them posted before midnight, for the sake of the whole NaPoWriMo thing. But I am getting lazy. Who on earth wants to know what is going on in my head? (Well, I suppose it might amuse some people to read the incongruent thoughts of a wierdo like me, but I don’t know that I quite see why.) So, as I said in my poem, I’d prefer to hear the truth and write better when I write again, rather than get  palaverous sycophancy that would lead me to become complacent with poor poetry. So, please, by all means, if and when I write a poem that makes you think, “Wow, that was awful” please say so. As rudely or bluntly as you desire.


Also, please check out my Jog-A-Thon page. (Or, if you don’t want to waste time and would rather just drop a dollar or two, here is the page for that.) It is getting really close to over, and we still aren’t even half way to our goal. Also, if we happen to make 5k this week we, the students, have been told that we might get a skating trip. By way of one of our teachers thanking us for hard work. (They feel bad for us sometimes, ’cause we have to go out in the snow for most of the Jog-A-Thon work, and most of the older students- those of us who are no longer cute little kids- frequently go out for hours at a time and don’t make a dime. Seriously, the number of doors I have had slammed in my face is ridiculous! I think I might deviate from the door-to-door and just set up a booth at a street corner and sell breakfast burritos. I’d probably make more money. >.>) But anywho, all the money goes to the school, so any donation is really appreciated!

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