To Travel A Single Page

A Journey of Not a Single Step (Written April 20, 2013)

Once there was a person
Who roamed the world round
On a journey to explore
And find what may be found.

He found a dragon with a cave of gold,
And a princess with a dragon pet,
He found a dragon with magic eyes,
That when seen would make you forget.

He found a castle with a king and queen,
He found a princess fair,
He saw a knight on his way to war
So he went and followed him there.

He saw soldiers with cannons and knight with swords,
And men in space suits too,
He saw cars and carts and rocket ships,
In a whirl of old and new.

He heard a million different songs,
And read a million words,
He saw a million different sights,
And within a fire was stirred.

And as he walked a million roads,
Every traveller that he met,
He made sure to point them in that way,
To make sure they could not forget.

So he walked and walked and walked some more,
But never left his nook,
For though he walked a million roads,
They were always in a book.


C= Every time I read a new book I find myself feeling, more and more, that books are incredible. Really. They can take you all across the world without you moving an  inch. For that matter, you can meet a million people without ever opening your mouth. (NOTE: I am absolutely not an advocate of being anti-social. Far from it. Don’t you dare even try to think that I am ok with that. Humans are social creatures, by scientific definition. We need society, even when society is garbage. Ok?) So, when people start to really stink, we can always go find someone more interesting to think of. Or, and this helps me a lot, if you happen to be able to picture someone you have problems with as being someone you are reading about- or vice versa- and try to figure out that person better, you might learn a bit about people. It sounds silly, but when we have an actual person in front of us it is sometimes hard to make sense of what is going on. On the other hand, how many people can tell you exactly what is going to happen next in a book? How this character is going to feel, and what not. Well, if you think about it, an actual real human wrote that character into existence. If you can figure out what will happen next, you are following a real person’s thoughts. It is all a matter of getting to know patterns, if you think about it mathematically. People don’t just randomly change. There is always a reason for things and actions, and those reasons will normally cause the same things or actions to occur. When you get used to the thought process of the author- and of a certain sort of story- you can start to tell what will come next because you are seeing the patterns and trends. It is the same with people, don’t you think?


So, Jog-a-Thon nears and we are still less than half way there. Time runs short! If you can find it anywhere in your hearts and wallets to help a good school stay open, please check out my Jog-A-Thon page (Or just donate here if you don’t want to read the whole thing. It just explains how the school is amazing, and that the money is going to keeping it open, and getting us sports equipments because we don’t have any.)

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