The Noble Pride

Wasting Time (Written April 23, 2013)

Have I ever said, perhaps,
That I’ve slowly gone insane?
That all this wasted, empty time,
It eats away my brain.

We spend our time on things we know,
And act as if they’re new,
We use big words so it won’t show,
But there’s no thoughts there we can use.

I would much rather spend my life
To truly learn each day,
Rather than posture and primp and pretend,
And waste my life away.

So I read and escape, at least in my mind,
And I study whenever I can,
I try to learn from each passing day-
Be a student, wherever I am.


(Haha, yesterday’s poem stank so I refuse to post it. I was sick, sue me.)

You know how you meet those people who just love to act as if they are so danged smart, but never bothered to ever actually study? So they use big words without knowing what they mean, and act superior to everybody else. I hate that sort of people. Maybe it is because I come from a family of educators, but people who abuse learning like that are absolutely revolting. Especially when they have been given the job to educate others. No, it isn’t the student’s place to correct their teacher- not in public anyway (Ok, I have always got to remind myself of that, because I have always felt that the teacher is publically misinforming people, so that needs to be publically corrected, but it is never a good idea to try and point out that an authority is wrong, because it undermines the authority. Follow? It is frustrating, but it is a valid point.) . But sitting and listening to someone act as if they are superior to their students because they use words that the students don’t know makes me sick. Especially because, frankly, I have a huge vocabulary, and I do know what those words mean, and I know they aren’t even being used in their proper context! Education is way too important to have such foolish pride involved. If your pride is that much of an obstacle to your position as a teacher then you have no business teaching! Just ’cause you do not want to admit that, maybe, perhaps, somebody knows more than you, you can’t mess up other people’s learning- especially if the person correcting you isn’t a student, but a teacher who has been teaching for upwards of twenty-five years, and you have been teaching for maybe ten, and they have run a school for ten years, and you have run one for three. There is good pride and there is bad pride. There is the pride that makes you stand up for things you believe in, and fight for a good cause. There is the pride that makes you never back down, and never allow others to speak poorly of good things. This is the noble pride we should all strive for. Then there is the pride that makes you lie to defend it. This is the pride that would have you ridicule others to make yourself seem better. This pride is the pride of a coward. (Of course, all things in moderation. Even a noble pride can be taken too far. You can’t kill somebody because they insulted the pride of your mother, for instance. That would be the wrong reaction. And, of course, misplaced pride will never be good. If you are proud of your friend, and they are a murderer, that isn’t a good pride.) Cowards have no place in educating the young. Being a teacher is no small task. You are taking on the responsibility of forming the minds and ideals of a new generation. You are taking up the task of making the people who will one day run the world. If you are too much of a coward to put that first, then you had better not be anywhere near a school.


Speaking of pride, I think something like a school fundraiser is a pretty good example of good and bad pride. Do you have enough pride in your school to go out and beg for money for it? Or do you have too much pride in yourself that you would not lower yourself to beg for your school? Myself? I have little worth being proud of in myself, but if I could help my school then I know I have done something good, at least. Fight for others, and you will find you no longer have to fight for yourself. So, please, check out my Jog-A-Thon page, and help keep my school open. (Or, if it seems tedious to read into it all, you could just drop a dollar or two  here. You don’t need to fill in the name of a student, it is all going to the school anyway, so I don’t particularly care whose name they put it under.)

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