A Cold

A Cold (Written April 24, 2013)

The cold it is a sickness,
And a rather nasty business.
You cough and you sneeze,
And you hack and you wheeze,
‘Till you throat has gone sore
And you’re dry to the core,
And you’re off to go call it quits.


(Yeah, yeah, so it sounds like Two Cats of Kilkenny, sue me.)

hate being sick. -.- Colorado is awesome, really, but this is getting ridiculous! I mean, yesterday morning we were in a blizzard warning, yesterday noon was so warm that parking lots with billowing opaque clouds of steam because the snow was melting so fast, and today it was a gorgeous spring day. Let’s not even talk about the fact that, before the blizzard, it had been in the 60°s! With the wheather going insane it is getting really hard to not get sick, and it is super annoying. Ugh.


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