A Lovely Picture (Finished)

A Lovely Picture (Writing began: January 2011. Writting finished May 20, 2013)

I wish to paint a scene for you
Of glories yet to be,
Of silver moons and mountain veiws,
And sunsets on the seas.

Of places where the dark won’t grow,
And where the shadows sing.
The life of night and breath of day
And stars upon a string.

Of war and death and deeds undone,
Of heroes and their quests,
Of wives who wait for men to come
And give them a place to rest.

Of Cúchulainn in Ireland,
Of Roland and his king,
Of Arthur and Excalibur,
And fair Guinevere his queen.

Of magic worlds and foreign lands,
Of sights that steal your breath,
Of starless nights and glowing seas
And songs that know no death,

Of all of these I’ll never sing,
Tis best not told by I,
Lest words that flee these mortal lips
Bring stories yet to die.


Wow, that certainly took me long enough to write! And, speaking of long durations of time, I apologize for my extended absense. Between the immenent end of the year exams, due dates for term papers, and other people’s graduations, I have been fart too busy to actually post. But, well, here I am.

Ok, so I spent this weekend in St. Mary’s, Kansas, for my sister’s college graduation. While I was there we went to tons of parties, and I was given the great pleasure of getting to listen to several of the college students and assorted school faculty playing songs on their violin/ guitar/ flute/ whistle/ dulcimer/ mandolin/ accordian collection. It was awesome! And it made me feel very unnaccomplished. And it made me think of how I wished I had finished this poem, because it would have been a good time to recite it! I wish it was still a normal thing to just get together and tell stories and recite poems. I think, if I can, I will make that happen. Somewhere. The vocal story has basically died, and I really wish it would come back. It was through that sort of thing that I originally got interested in literature, so I hope to use it to bring other people o literature as well. C=


Jog-A-Thon has ended! Yippee! We raised 70k or so, last I’d heard, so it was a huge success. C= I may or may not have broken my leg in the process of running it- I will get it checked out tomorrow, hopefully- but I don’t mind, because it turned out pretty darned well. Thank you to everybody who helped out with it!

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