My Bedroom

My Room (Written May 24, 2013)

This is my room,
This is my home,
Here is a place
I call my own.

You can’t come in if you won’t say please,
And not if you’re mean to me,
And I won’t let you back if you make a mess,
No matter how you plea.

So you’d better be nice if you want in,
I promise it’s the best.
It’s the coolest place for miles around-
Way better than the rest.

I have all the coolest toys,
And a bigger bed than you.
It’s bigger and it’s carpeted,
And I have more windows too!

So there, take that, I win again,
To defeat you have been doomed,
‘Cause just this place is mine alone-
My precious little room.


I don’t know what made me think of this, but I have always wanted to write a poem like this, so I am glad I finally did. A bedroom is a precious place to a kid. I mean, house and home will always be where you come back to, will always be where your family is, but your bedroom is different. It is your room. Even if the house is your parents, and technically the room belongs to them, it doesn’t really. It is your room. You get to make it be the place you want most to come back to. I think that is a big thing for kids. Well, I make it sound like it is just for kids, but I know I still feel the same way about my room, and I know my parents do as well. Your bedroom is the only place that you can make just for you, and never have to consider what other people will feel about it. I think that is a pretty big deal, don’t you?


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