The Worst Place To Be

When Life’s a Drag (Written May 31, 2013)

When life’s a drag,
When friends aren’t there,
When your family stinks,
And nobody cares.

When teachers don’t make sense,
And they take it out on you
For all the stuff you never said,
And the bad things you didn’t do.

When school’s a joke,
And life’s a mess,
And music is the only way
To go relieve the stress.

When books become the only way
The leave a world you hate,
But the happiness that’s at the end
Just always comes too late.

When people say it;s just too bad,
And that this trouble’s wrong
But then just let the whole thing go,
Just close their eyes and move along.

When nothing is right
And everyting hurts,
When nobody helps,
And it all gets worse,

When this is the world you find yourself,
When any sort of hope is gone,
Just find a book, sing a song,
And pray for the strength to carry on.


You know, if there is one thing in this world that I really truly hate, it has got to be those people who act like they are the one everybody should rely on, and that nobody should be asking anybody else for help, and how those people will talk about how absolutely evil something is, maybe even something happening to you, but will then just say “Dang! That sucks! You should just try not to make it worse.” This is the world I am stuck in right now, and I hate it, and the people who go on all day about how it is their job to fix it and refuse to even say out loud that they think it is wrong. It is cowardly. It is repulsive. And, really, it is totally un-American. *shakes head* I am the target of the garbage going on right now, and am now suffering from the side that claims to help too, because they don’t want to take the heat for standing up against a real jerk. So what can I do? Answer: absolutely freaking nothing, and it ticks me off. So I turn up my music a little louder, and try to spend as much time as is humanly possible as far away from these jerks as I can. And I hate that answer, because it feels like I am running away, but I don’t really get what else I can do.

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