Congradulations! (Written June 1, 2013)

Congratulations, you’re through, you’re done,
You’ve graduated, now life’s begun!
You’re done with school, oh lucky you,
So go do whatever it is you’ll do!


Congrats to everybody who has graduated this year, from highschool or from college. My older brother just graduated highschool, and my sister college, so I’ve gotten the chance to say congrats for both. =P I wrote this poem, actually, in one of the graduates year books- I signed year books this year in poem, and am all poemed out right now. It must be a weird feeling, leaving school. Not that I would know, as I am only just now a senior. *cheers*But I’m sure each different person must feel differently about graduating, so I’ll just play it safe and say congratulations for completing school, and good luck in the years to come!

(I, personally, am really looking forward to graduating. Of course, that is mostly because I am really looking forward to going to college and taking more challenging classes. If I could be a student forever I most certainly would. Which makes me think I will actually go and become a teacher, but whatever- my mom, and my aunt, and my cousins, and my grandma, and my sister are all teachers, so that might have something to do with it.)

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