The Beast

The Beast (Written November 27, 2012)

See the beast, the fearsome beast,
Set upon its fearsome feast
With jagged teeth, with massive teeth,
It tears its victim piece by piece.

See its eyes, its glowing eyes,
Watching as its victim dies,
They shine with flames, with deadly flames,
Reflecting joy at hunting games.

It sets upon the town at night,
Its victims run in screaming flight,
They can’t escape, can’t get away.
The beast has come, has come to play.

See the town, the burning town,
Burned to cinders on the ground.
Nevermore, no nevermore,
The lives now lost return no more.

Beast goes away, it stays away,
Its waning life keeps beast at bay,
Back to its home, its far off home,
There fearsome beast dies all alone.

The men return to ravaged land,
Rebuild their fallen homes by hand,
Returning to their forgotten lives,
The fearsome beast has left their minds.


Ugh. I am- we are- trying to think up a name for my school’s sports teams, if and when we finally have one worth mentioning. We are a Catholic private school, in the middle of Colorado, and can’t think of anything cool that would go with the school. Animals are always cool sports names. The problem is having it work with the school name. The school name is Our Lady Help of Christians Academy- O.L.H.C.A. for short. Personally, I am all for the Hawks. Hawks are cool, and ferocious, and knights and nobles used to use them for their high class sport, so the name is classy too. Plus, there are tons of them hanging around the area, and for another, our school name is always getting messed up and people call us OLHAC- which they pronounce as ol-ha-kuh. Nobody outside of the school would get the joke, but we would all find it funny. But really, we are at a loss for names here! If we can’t think up a good one before next school year they are going to put us down as, wait for it, the Farmers. How awful is that?

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