Art (Written June 7, 2013)

The art of escape, the escape of art,
The science that sets the mind apart,
The expression of sights our minds have met-
The talent that deserves the greatest respect.


You know, Aristotle’s definition of art, which I will not quote because it is really long and I don’t really want to type it out, says something to the effect that art must follow natural order, for the sake of some particular goal. Of course, this is art in the broadest of senses- the word actually comes from the Latin word artem meaning skill, or craft- so it doesn’t only apply to pictures or music. Art is right in the center of culture- right at the heart. But we have no culture, not really. We, the world, in general, believe that our current beliefs are more than good enough, and that the nations and beliefs that breat ou modern society are subjects to be, briefly, studied in a book. Then, generally, we boast that the world today breeds artistic values through the freedom of expression, but it is sort of the opposite. According to Aristotle though, art must follow orderly steps and proceedures. The whole ‘freedom of expression’ thing, is actually corrupting art, really- at least, when that leads to disregarding the laws of nature and common sense, or, indeed, denying the existence of common sense. *shakes head and sighs* I just can’t actually lead myself to believe that there are people who really, actually, in all reality, believe that truth is subjective. >.< It would certainly explain the decline in art and culture, but I really don’t want to believe people can actually think that way. Art, real art, and culture, real culture, are far too incredible to just fade away because of people who say that their perception of reality is the reality itself, right?

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