The Untaken Adventure

The Untaken Adventure (Written July 28, 2012)

I long to get away from here,
Through the wardrobe, through the mirror
Down through the bunny hole, to another world
Into adventure with flags unfurled.

I want to fly to Neverland, I want to run away
Run to a place where I can stay.
Where I could live without a care,
Run anyplace, run anywhere.

‘Cause I can’t take it here,
It is driving me insane,
There is nothing that I can do,
To entertain my brain.

I want the adventure of a fairy tale,
To see good and true fight and prevail.
To leave home on my own, and work for another’s sake
To just be needed would be so great

At any rate.

Neverland, Narnia, through the mirror and away
Where can I go to get to yesterday?
It’s far away from where I am,
And there it stays, out of my hand.

But when I hear the wind blowing softly at night
When I see it lift the bright tailed kites
When chimes are ringing, and stars are bright
And when there is a moonless night,

I dream of escaping, of getting away,
But here I’m stuck, and here I stay.
And I wonder, should I keep thinking of this
Even though it is the one thing I miss.

‘Cause truly I do really miss it you see,
Feeling so much, well, it isn’t easy
The pain and the sadness,
The fear and the madness,

It’s not worth it anyway.

And, so, here I stay,
In my bed another day,
And from my window I watch
And wonder the waiting it costs.

To be here always,
Waiting for better days
That will surely come
Some far off distant day.


Well, that was actually a song originally, so the meter is a little goofy. It was harder to change it to a poem than I was expecting. I mean, a lot of my poems started as songs, but I wrote them down as I sang them, so I adjusted it as I went. This song was one I sort of just recorded with my phone as I sang, so it is less poetic than the others. (Haha, maybe I will link to the actual song, if I ever get a better recording.) I wrote this when I finished a really good book, and it sort of made me want to throw it. Sometimes good books do that to me. ‘Cause it is really painful how much I wish I could have a life anything like those in books, you know?  Reading is probably the only thing I can do that will get me to really be emotional. =/ Mayhaps it is why I am not emotional otherwise. But, really, sometimes I find myself not reading on purpose, because I know it will be painful to not be living what I read. Makes me think of that Oscar Wilde quote, “Yes: I am a dreamer. For a dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.” I get that. That, I can understand.

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