Inside My Mind

(Haha, does that title make anybody else think of The Phantom of the Opera?)

(There is a line, at the end, that has parentheses next to it. Ignore that. It is an alternative line. If you would prefer to read it with that line, rather than the one that is outside the parentheses, feel free.)

Inside My Mind (Written June 10, 2013)

I’m trapped inside my mortal mind,
A place I sometimes hate,
For though I really love to think,
My thoughts are poor, of late.

There is a joy exclusive to
Those actions of the mind,
A solitude and freedom there
That elsewhere you’ll not find.

To sit and think and ponder things,
The questions with no answers yet,
The mysteries of every age
Though unanswered we can’t forget.

Solving problems, learning things,
Helping others, or yourself,
The pleasure found inside your mind
Is found in no place else.

To find corruption of this joy,
See I’ve rotted out my mind,       (See people rotting out their minds)
Is a torture and a suffering
That elsewhere you’ll not find.


love thinking. I really do. A lot. I sit on the roof and stare at the sky and think. For hours. Really. And I can think a lot in a short amount of time. There are times when I feel like I have thought for hours, and I look at the clock just to realize it has hardly been five minutes. It is amazing! I love how I can have a whole world in my head, and how whole lives can come and go, and wars can be fought and won, all in my head, all in an hour. It is a huge blessing. Of course, I am an insomniac also, and that means I spend large amounts of time laying in bed, totally unable to sleep. That means I spend time where all there is to do is think. Most of the time I don’t mind- as I said, I love to think. However, it is a curse just as it is a blessing. If, shall we say, a bad thought comes, it is hard to shake. That is where I find myself now. It is telling, realizing which thoughts I come back to most. It always helps me realize what it is I have been wanting. -.^ Which can be depressing. It can, really, start to feel like I am trapped in my own mind- sounds like I am going insane, I know, I feel like I am sometimes.


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