Go Write Ahead!

Writing Poems (Written 2009)

Writing poems all day long,
Words that can be put to song,
Words are added, rhymes are changed,
The rhythm is then rearranged.

Experiment through all of this,
Think of rhymes that most would miss-
Hidden rhymes, and patterns too,
There is so much that you can do.

Paint pictures with your words of gold,
Keep going ’till the story’s told,
‘Cause even after it’s been tried
It can, still, be modified.

You cannot give up just because
You are afraid of what it was,
Changes can be taken back,
Things are added when they lack.

You can change what it’s about,
Your options then will not run out,
Just keep trying everyday
And soon enough you’ll find a way.


I am way too busy and bored all at the same time right now to write anything relevant to what is going on in my life currently. We are getting ready for a trip. If I wrote a poem about that I would be too depressed to keep going- trips should, always, be an adventure, even if it isn’t supposed to be to some place fun. Trips should not be a stressed out mess, like this one has been thus far. >.> So, instead!

Poems are the verbal expression of specific thoughts, ideas, or stories in a specific rhythmic form- preferably in rhyme. At least, that is the way I see it. Which is part of why I despise free form, and myself for giving zero care to the meter of my own poems. But, that is irrelevant to what I am trying to say, so forget about it for now. What I am trying to say, in the above poem, is, despite any misgivings you have on the matter, write poems. It is a great way to express your thoughts and feelings. And, even if you hate the poem, or think it is a garbage poem, it can show you a lot- about yourself, and about what you are thinking. So, and especially because I have found them to be useful and enjoable in both the writing and the reading, I want to encourage others to write poems too! If, like I am now, you find that something going on is a major bummer, write a poem about it. If the poem is all a lie about how it would be if it were better, let that motivate you to make it that way. If that would just depress you- as it would me, at the moment- write a poem that just honestly portrays it. You’ll blow off steam in an artzy way, and probably realize you are being dramatic. And, it is just fun. Fun, and useful, and good exercise for your mind, and you can brag about it if it turns out well- why not try writing a poem every now and then?

And, if you read this and decide you will try to write a poem of your own, I would absolutely love to read it! So, by all means, leave a comment and let me know about it. C=

And, please, check out all my other poems too!

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