The Traveler and the Wolf

The Traveler and the Wolf (Written Unknown)

A traveler walks an empty road
And as the night goes on
A wolf howl fills him with forebode,
And soon the moon is gone.

Upon the weary road he trod
And caution fills his heart,
For wolves sleep on the roadside sod
And fear tears him apart.

The fearsome road keeps pulling him
And how he longs to run.
The wolf waits for the traveler grim,
And he waits for the sun.

He walks the road through empty space
And hopes he’ll make it home,
But wolves are giving eager chase
And he is all alone.

At last the traveler sees his goal,
His journey was nearly done,
But now the wolf is fat and full-
It seems, at last, it won.


There you go, how is that for happy? I wasn’t really in the mood to write something today, I suppose. Or, rather, it might be more accurate to say I couldn’t find what I wanted to write about. I have, after all, been thinking an awful lot lately, so it is a little hard to pin a thought down by itself to write about it. I kind of feel like that traveler right now though. Like I am being chased by a big ole wolf and am going to managed to get killed by it when safety is just feet away. Or, alternately, like an idiot who is stumbling around in the dark, knowing there is a wolf and having no idea where the darned thing is. So, like the traveler, I really want to run. But I don’t, ’cause I would end up running, somehow, in the wrong direction. So I have to trust the road. Scary thought, isn’t it?


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