If I Can’t Do Good

If I Ever Hurt You (Written June25, 2013)

Stop me, hurt me,
Cut off my hands if it need be.
Make me weak when I think I’m strong,
Stop me from ever doing wrong.

Help me, hold me,
Take my hand and lead me,
Give me the strength to do as I should,
Help me to always be doing good.

Don’t let me hurt you or make you cry,
Don’t let it be my hands by which you die,
If I cannot help you and give thanks for your gifts,
Then abandon me, hate me, and cast me to the rift.


That is just how I honestly feel. Or think, at least. It is my own theory that emotions can keep you away from bad things just as they can draw you towards them, and my lack of emotions has always made that hard for me with certain things. But if I can’t do good, or at least return the good I have received and if, instead, I end up returning evil in the place of that good, I would rather die. And even if I don’t feel that very strongly, I remind myself of it, at least in my head, every chance I get. Because I am afraid that if I don’t I will end up growing complacent. And that would truly be the end.

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