What Work of Art?

What Work of Art? (Written July 7, 2013)

What work of art, what act of man,
That strives to cause creation can,
Through words and notes of music great,
Through stones and figures born of paint,
When all the world’s agape with awe
When they see what the artists saw,
Can show us truth when none else can,
What work of art, what act of man?


I love art. I have mentioned that before. There is an order and a nobility in art that is lost in other things. When all the world is full of noise and too loud for us to hear good from evil, art whispers truth and reason in the ears of those wise enough to listen. And we aren’t born wise. We may be born clever or dull, but wisdom is acquired through experience and what we choose to learn from it. Art speaks of this. I cannot say it well- I am not an artist wise enough to speak the truth- but I believe art can be a man’s salvation, just as it is now being used to be man’s downfall. If there is any tragedy evident in the world today, it could only be that we refuse to learn from the wisdom of the art left to us by our forefathers.

Of course, my point is, as always, poorly made. Still, I hope, through some strange sort of osmosis, the idea will get across.


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