My Hero!

My Hero (Written July 8, 2013)

You’re a genius I tell you, you’re brilliant, you’re great,
When I know you’re coming I cannot wait!
I get happy, exited, and anticipate
The coming you who I find so great!

It’s a pleasure to know you, to hear you talk,
It’s a joy to be with you and join you to walk,
Just getting to listen brings people to flock-
‘Cause it’s such a great pleasure to hear you talk.

Your wit has no equal, your charm knows no end,
What a treasure to have time with you to spend!
I wish I was close enough to call you friend
So I’d bask in your presence for time with no end.

You’re my hero, I tell you, I look up to you,
You help we have courage to do hard things to do,
But you’re far above me, I always knew,
So I’ll stand and admire and look up to you.


Everybody, sooner or later, finds somebody that they look up to. For me, there are a number of them. The problem is that there aren’t many people I could look up to all the way around. I think Terry Pratchett is a genius, and is clever, and is witty- but I also think he is anti-Catholic, and as a Catholic I can’t really look up to that, you know? Or there is the opposite, where I hate the person, but they have one of those qualities that you just have to acknowledge and look up to. But those people aren’t heroes. A hero is somebody who is an example, who goes above their duty, time and again- who inspires you to be a good example, and never stop at just your duty. Or, said another way, a hero is somebody who helps you when you thought nobody else could. Both ways of thinking describe those few people I view as “Heroes.” One of those people, for me, was a teacher I had for just two years. I have kept in contact with this teacher since- I tell you, that is super out of character for me. This was the teacher who never hesitated to tell me I was being an idiot, or that I was full of it when I said I really cared about something. This teacher just told me the truth, and told me I needed to learn when people couldn’t handle hearing the truth from me. This teacher happened to also be the first person to ever tell me that I was actually a person worth knowing- a strange way of saying it, but the teacher was a genius in many ways, and I was extremely flattered- which was something I really needed to hear before I convinced myself that I should just become somebody that nobody would want to know. You know?

Of course, I have other near-heroes too. People I have known who would do just about anything to help a person in need, but still retained an actual pleasant, and often awe-inspiring, personality. I haven’t yet met somebody who could smile- actual, genuine, real smile- at everything, but if I do I suspect they will be a hero in my eyes. And of course there are other sorts of heroes…

Literary heroes, for instance. For me, in the world of literature there are heroes. Those would include, in my eyes, people like Lady Gregory, the Brothers Grimm, Diana Wynne Jones, and Brian Jacques. Curious as it might seem to other people, Brian Jacques is a major literary hero to me. His Redwall series is what inspired me to read. There were characters in those books that were a different sort of literary hero. These are literary heroes in the sense that they exist only in literature. For me that would include Gen from The Thief, Ven from The Floating IslandSchmendrick (and Molly) from The Last Unicornand Nicholas Benedict from The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas BenedictOf course, that isn’t all of them, nor are those few authors I named the only literary heroes I have. They are just the ones who came to mind now. They are people, real or not, who I respect in some way. And I mean that. I respect what they have done and, in most cases, who they are. I thought of all this because I was reading an author’s blog and it made me think of one of my real life heroes. One of the few real heroes I know. And when you look up to somebody that much, well, for me at least, you end up really wishing you could just be friends. =/ At least I will try to be as much of a hero to others and my heroes have been to me. Or something.


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