Deep Thought, Frustration, and 42

What Do I Seek? (Written July 11, 2013)

What need have I of reasons why?
What need have I to care?
What wit would have me seek for it,
That isn’t already there?

What would I take that I couldn’t make?
What would I have to want?
Would I seek an embrace and a friendly face,
That when gone would surely haunt?

Or empty, alone, without a home,
Would I seek a place to stay?
A haven, a reality where anyone had need of me,
Where I were wanted, not sent away?

I have wealth enough to hold my health,
I have brains most cannot boast,
I have years left yet to find regrets,
And a future to which I’ll toast.

So what do I seek that makes me weak?
What keeps me awake in bed?
What tortures my mind that I seek to find
But whose finding, I find, I dread?


Well, this is hardly the first time I have made use of poetry to tell of my woes. No, I do that just about every day. Nor is this the first time that those woes have involved my desperate seeking of an answer to a question I can’t recall. *shrugs and shakes head* I feel like I am one day going to have somebody finally enlighten me as to what answer I am looking for, just for it to be 42, and just for me to find myself on the quest to find the question I’d forgotten. >.> I prefered this scenario to remain in Hitchhikersbut it is, ridiculously, making a guest appearance in my life. Or, at least, in my head. Ridiculously, my own ‘deep thought’ doesn’t seem to be having as much success in finding the answer. How silly is that? *shakes head*

On a different note, I am finally reading The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. It is excellent. It is simple. If the glory of  The Wheel of Time was in the beautifully complex web of characters and events that take place, the beauty of The Name of the Wind is in its simplicity. That doesn’t really say it though. It couldn’t have been such a big hit if it were just simple- I think we could all be successful authors if that were true. The story telling is brilliant. It is the sort of book that makes you really not want to put it down. The voice it is told in, honestly, is very much the voice of a story-teller. If you read a lot you’ll know what I mean. There are lots of authors who can write a good story, but there are few who can tell one nearly as well. Patrick Rothfuss tells a brilliant story. If you have ever read Lady Gregory‘s Complete Irish Mythologythe way it is told has the same feel to it. I am really liking it so far. Though, of course, I’m not crazy about the innuendos, but it isn’t, honestly, very much. I’m looking forward to finishing this story.


And I am freaking ticked at this stupid website right now, because I cannot tag any of my posts, nor can I insert any links without the entire post being deleted. I’m not sure what is wrong, but if anybody knows, I would appreciate an answer.

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