How Was Your Day?

How Was Your Day? (Written July 13, 2013)

I haven’t got a thing to say,
But I’d like to be talking anyway,
‘Cause silence gets lonely at the end of the day,
So I’ll just talk to keep that silence at bay.

How was your day, how did things go?
Did you learn something fun that you didn’t know?
I hope you saw something loving and warm,
And something impressive as a summer storm.

Did you eat something new, or a favorite dish?
Or did you, perhaps, not get what you wish?
You should talk with a friend and hang out for a while,
At least long enough to bring you to smile.

Did you have a day like never before?
Or was it perhaps just a pleasant bore?
Was it happy and lasting and free of strife?
And did you make memories you’ll hold all you life?

To break through the silence as the light fades to grey,
I’ll ask you to think of what’s just gone away,
Since I haven’t got a thing to say
Won’t you tell me all about your day?


I was sitting here thinking about how I wanted to write a poem about today, but I didn’t have anything to say. And then it hit me! My day was just a pleasant day at the house with my sisters- my brothers being away for a camping trip- cleaning and cooking. So! Why not ask everybody else about how their day went? I know, for me, I have always wished there had ever been somebody who would ask me about how my day went. Part of being from a very large family however, is knowing that there are too many of you for any of the rest to really care very much about how your day went. Or maybe that is just my family. They don’t usually ask that sort of thing. Unless something particular happened, of course. They always want to hear about it if it was interesting. But I think it is important to ask how the most normal of days went. You know? Each day has its own pleasures and treasures, unlike those of any other day. There is something special in each one. If we only ever care about the ‘interesting’ ones, we’ll never remember to treasure ever day. So, I wanna know, how was your day? I hope it was a good day for you. I hope you got to spend time with somebody special to you, or somebody you care about. I hope you had a reason to smile. I hope you learned something too, because that is always a sign of a good day. I hope you did something worth doing, and worth remembering. But I don’t know how your day went. So I’ll ask again,

How was your day?

I would love to hear about your day, by the way. If you want to tell me about it. I’d love to hear all about it. C=

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