Riddle Me This

Mightier Than The Sword (Written September 26, 2012)

The sword of truest sanity
The crutch of the insane
The deep black blood that mad men love,
That looks into men’s brains

Syringe that sucks the souls of men,
Then breeds that soul anew.
That hurts and heals, that gives and steals,
And makes creation brew

The steely blade of blood and bones
The breath of sweat and tears
The shortest length, the force and strength
That shows and hides men’s fears

Where hides the key to prisoned mind?
Where does the key hole lie?
Which locked door does key search for,
To find before it dies?

This sharpest key that bleeds black blood,
The life and death of me,
The blade that lives, the choice it gives-
What could this weapon be?


So, can you answer the riddle? It is pretty easy, actually. Or, I thought so anyway. I’m told it doesn’t make much sense. I wrote it, so I’m probably biases, but I think it makes perfect sense. Maybe. Comment if you think you know the answer!

*The following block of writing is a huge, rambling, pointless complaint of mine about how bored I am. Mysteriously, it contains a long list of all the interesting and fun things I have done this summer.*

Aha…I am quite bored. Really. My brothers just got back from their boys’ camp up in the mountains. They had tons of fun. They saw two bears, and a moose swam across the lake behind the cabins they were staying in. They came back and settled right into their video games though, so I haven’t really had much to do with them. (I hate gamers. People who play video games ass [that was supposed to be as, I swear] persistently as my brothers do….>.> I hate video games, at least when it comes to my brothers playing them. Seriously, I might ever get half a conversation out of my older brother, and it will be all about his stupid video games! -.- I mean, come on!) My mom just got back from Canada, where she did not see a moose. She had been up there because she is part of a group of teachers who are writing a new k-12 grammar program. They all went up to Canada for a vacation. And while all these people have been having loads of fun in the mountains, or out of country, I have been doing just about nothing. This lack of activity has more to it than just that half my family has been away. For instance: Terry Brooks was doing a book signing at the Tattered Cover yesterday. But could I go? Nope! Because I don’t have a car. I did go to the Renaissance Festival here though. I think it is one of the largest and oldest in the country. There are a number of the vendors there who have been attending for 40+ years. Insane, right? It was really cool. I didn’t have any money at the time (=c) so I couldn’t buy anything, but there were some really cool necklaces. Tons of people in costume (I’m sorry, I don’t approve of the scanty costumes anyway, but if you are fat, do everybody else a favor and don’t where the scanty costume.) and a load of performers. And I now have money and want to go back, but cannot because I don’t have any way to get there. >.> But oh well. Oh, and I suppose I did go to the Da Vinci and Michelangelo exhibit that was in town. It had some really cool stuff. I was a little disappointed in the tiny amount of Michelangelo artwork that was there (it was all reproductions by the art school in Florence), but they had a ton of Da Vinci’s machines, and you were allowed to mess around with most of them. It was all really neat, but I think they did a poor job explaining the machines. But, eh, it was only $8 anyway, so I shouldn’t have expected too much. Granted, the gelato shop across the street was amazing. 16th Street Mall is an…interesting place. And then, on our way home, we learned that the basement of our church, the same basement that has been under renovations for the past half-year, has flooded in a really bad storm. My dad is in charge of the renovations, so we all ended up over there to clean up what we could. >.> That was exhausting. They said that there shouldn’t be much damage though, so I suppose that it good.

Yikes! ^That was one heck of a monster ramble. >.>


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