Not All Your Dreams Come True (Written around 2007)

There are people in the world
Who do all that they please
They live out their childhood dreams
At the slightest of their ease

They possess the talent
The method, and the skill
They have the ability
To do all that they will

But not all are quite so lucky
No matter what you do
There always is that person
Whose dream did not come true

They try so hard, yet still they fail
With all their heart’s desires
Though hard they fight to save their dreams
They still fall to the fires

Perhaps this is just because
Your dream was not for you?
Maybe that’s the reason why
Not all your dreams came true.


Nooo! Kelly went home from Top Shot (If you haven’t seen Top Shot, it is a shooting competition show on the History Channel. It rocks.) So sad! So, extremely, sad.

Ah…too sad (and lazy) to think of anything to write…aawww…

Just kidding. I am extremely broken up about Kelly having gone home. No doubt. He was, most certainly, my favorite competitor on Top Shot. But I’ll live. *sob* So, the über dramatic poem appears. =P
Oh yeah! Drama aside, I wouldn’t ever advise you to take that last stanza too seriously. If you fail it can most certainly be just because you need to work harder. So don’t ever give up because you think it isn’t your thing. -.-

Anywho. Wow. I just realized that nothing interesting has happened to me. At all. >.> Uhh… Dang, well, I guess that is that then…

Oh yeah! Nobody has answered my riddle yet! -.^ It isn’t that hard, is it?


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