The Little Hours

The Little Hours (Written July 25, 2013)

I love these little hours,
In a quiet home, alone,
When I work and wait for my family
Who are on their way back home.

These little chores that no one sees,
I love to get them done,
So they’ll have a nice place to come back to
When the time to come back has come.

I work and in the silence there
I think of happy things,
Of friends and fun and family,
Of nighttime and its dreams.

I listen to songs I’ve always loved,
And I hum or sing along,
And I wonder when will come the day
When I’ll also have a song.

I love the silence of that home,
The quiet that whispers like a prayer,
The peaceful times I spend alone,
And the little hours there.


You know, I think that is sort of the best way to say it, really. I love those rare times when I get to just work in quiet. Just me, no distractions. I’ll work and think for a while, and probably turn on some music after a bit. I love when that happens. It doesn’t, not much. Those hours are few and far between. But I really love them. I’ve been told I am the sort of person who, like my parents, is going to grow up to be somebody and do something big…but I don’t agree. I want to just do the little things that will make it easier for everybody else. Nothing big. Just those little things that I get to do in those rare hours I get to myself. *sigh* It is a sort of peace that is getting rarer and rarer ever day, and I weep to see it go away.

Nobody has given me an answer to  my riddle yet! I would love if anybody got it right.


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